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Your one-stop-shop for nutrition information, resources and ideas to support healthy eating in every environment...

There's lots to choose from. You can use these topics to help find what you're looking for:
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 NEW to the Info Hub:

Digital Food and Feelings Diary

Overcome emotional eating and control non-hungry food habits with our Food and Feelings Diary

Digital Meal Planner

 We have created a digital meal planning tool for you to use in three easy steps!

The Glycaemic Index

The glycaemic index (GI) measures how fast a carbohydrate food is digested and absorbed into the blood stream.

Child-friendly mealtimes

How and where children eat is just as important as what they eat. Try these tips to help create positive mealtimes.

Smart Swaps

Wondering what simple changes you could make to improve your diet? Look no further than our smart swaps and tips!

Eat to beat exams

Exam season is here, and we have 5 tips to help you power through

Nourishing Little Minds - recommended books for children

Our favourite list of childrens books which portray healthy food in a fun and engaging way

Food literacy program manual

All you need to know about how to run a cooking program 

Quick and easy meals cookbook

Making the most out of pantry staples

Storing food safely

Keep your food safe and make it last with our food storage tips                                                                          

Healthier eating out tips

What to choose from the menu when eating out or ordering takeaway

Healthy hacks for teens

Our hacks to help you feel better, improve your skin health and even save you some money!

Optimising your grant application

Do you have a great idea that will help to strengthen the health of your community?

Meal times for toddlers

As children reach toddlerhood, they are generally ready for a more structured eating schedule. We have put together out best healthy meal ideas for toddlers

 General nutrition
Build your own salad

Use our salad builder to create your own perfectly balanced salad

Money saving tips

Looking for the bargains and being a savvy shopper can make a huge difference to your hip pocket at no expense to your health.

10 ways to add more vegies to the menu

Easy tips for increasing the vegetables in your day.

Avoiding 3:30itis

The mid-afternoon slump reduces our concentration, productivity and can affect our good mood ...

Be a savvy shopper

Grocery shopping can be challenging - buying delicious, healthy food within budget...

Breakfast on the go

No time for a nutritious breakfast? Easy options to help you fit it in ....

Can food be bad?

Eating is a basic human need so it is lucky that most of us love food. Do you love eating though ...

Coffee- the science behind the fix

An Australian adult drinks 300 cups of coffee or 3 kg coffee beans each year. What is in our coffee and is it healthy?

Creating good relationships with food for children

Having a healthy relationship with food means enjoying a wide variety of food without feeling ...

Don't bust the budget

Looking for tips to shop smarter, eat well and stay within budget?

Easy morning teas at work

Running to the supermarket before your morning meeting?

Eat a rainbow every day

Fruit and vegetables exist in a rainbow of colours; red, purple/blue, orange, green and white/brown...

Family mealtimes matter

Most of us remember when family mealtimes were very different to what they are now ...

Festive food myths...busted!

Our dietitians have busted some common festive food myths which will be sure to get you talking turkey at the Christmas dinner table!

Food allergies

A food allergy is an adverse immune response to a food protein....

Food ideas for your next spring event

Spring is the time we venture outside and become more social. Here are some delicious ideas for your next event ...

Food intolerance

Food intolerance is a type of food sensitivity that refers to all non-immunological reactions to food...

Food safety when shopping

Food poisioning is caused by bacteria and occurs when food has not been properly handled, stored or cooked...

Fresh fruit snacks for children

Fruit is an essential part of our diet and is a quick and easy snack for adults and children alike ...

Get your fibre fix

Eating enough fibre helps us stay regular, manage cholesterol and plays a role in weight management ...

Good food for a good mood

Did you know that 45% of us will experience poor mental health during our lives? Chances are that ...

Healthier cooking tips

Most of your go-to recipes may only need small, simple changes to make them healthier...

Healthy BBQ menu

We've done the planning for you! For a tasty and nutritious BBQ, check out our menu!

Healthy eating hacks

Trying to study and look after yourself on a tight budget? Try these tips to help you create simple, tasty...

Healthy entertaining made easy

Love entertaining? Keen to dish up healthy and delicious foods to your guests?

Healthy fundraising ideas

Move over chocolate! Great ideas for your next fundraising event.

Healthy lunch and snack ideas

Sick of the same old sandwich for lunch? Our delicious and nutritious lunch and snack ideas will make...

Healthy meals are as easy as 1-2-3

It’s 5pm and you’re thinking ‘what’s for dinner?’ So how do you turn the foods sitting in your fridge and pantry into...


Keeping well hydrated is essential for us to function at our best ...

Keeping food safe at home

As many of the bugs that cause food poisoning can't been seen, smelled or tasted, it can be hard to tell if food has...

Kitchen hacks for non-cooks

Anyone can cook a meal with our easy where-to-start tips ...

Label reading guide

Not only does a food label tell us what a product is, but it also tells us important information about the...

Love your guts

There is much more to gut health than keeping things moving along ...

Make breakfast count

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day as it breaks your overnight fast...

Making the most of packaged foods

Packaged foods tend not to be the healthiest options when compared to fresh, as they can be high in...

Making your food dollar stretch

The key to eating healthy on a budget is planning and preparation. Use this as a guide to ...

Mindful eating

We eat many times over the day and often we eat automatically - food in, chew, swallow, repeat ...

Think outside the snag - a guide to planning healthier BBQs

Offering healthier options at your next BBQ fundraiser or event can be simple with the right planning, preparation & promotion.

Pantry, fridge and freezer essentials

Having a cleverly stocked pantry, fridge and freezer are essential for creating quick and easy meals...

Party survival tips

Social events are great but sometimes they all seem to occur in the same month. Here are our ideas...

Reliable sources of nutrition information

There are so many sources of nutrition information these days. We have made a list of some of the most reliable...

Spice it up!

Herbs and spices are nutrition powerhouses and an easy way to boost the flavour of your meals.

The Mediterranean diet

Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet? Technically it's not a diet...

 Meal planning 101

It's meal planning, people. Here are our quick, simple tips to be a champion planner...

Understanding the vegetarian diet

The number of Australian adults whose diet is all or almost vegetarian has risen in recent years ...

What to bring when you are told to bring a plate

Ever wondered what to bring? We have sorted it for you ...

Winter immune boosters

The winter chill is here and so too are the dreaded winter colds and ‘flu. So how can you protect yourself...

Your eating snapshot

How do you measure up against the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating?

 Mums and bubs

Weight gain during pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes     

Learn what you need to know about this type of diabetes that can occur during pregnancy             

Calcium needs for pregnant mums

Learn your requirements and best food sources 

Iron needs for pregnant mums

Learn why it is important during pregnancy and food sources

Folate before and during pregnancy

What is folate and why is it so important during pregnancy?

Meal planning during pregnancy

Learn how to meet your nutrition needs during pregnancy   

Alcohol and pregnancy

Why complete avoidance of alcohol during pregnancy is essential. 

Food for infants 

Sample daily food guide for infants aged 7-12 months ...

Listeria and Salmonella risks during pregnancy

Learn how to avoid infection and illness from these problem bacteria.

Mercury in fish

What fish is o.k to eat during pregnancy and how much is too much 

Key nutrients for women's health

When you're in good health - physically, mentally and emotionally, it becomes easier for you to help yourself and others. We know food plays...

 Healthy eating for infants and children

Is flavoured milk good for kids?
Our dietitians whey (...get it) into this dairy debate and answer the question - is flavoured milk good for kids?
1-2-3 steps to a healthy sandwich

Sandwiches don't have to be boring! 

5 food tips for healthy kids

Are your children picky eaters or unwilling to try new foods?

Boosting vegetable intake for children

Vegies are often the hardest foods to get children to enjoy, but they don't have to be!

Childcare menu planning tool

Providing a variety of nutritious food is essential to support the growth and development of young children...

Creative lunchbox ideas

Looking for some new ideas to beat the boomerang sandwich (the sandwich that leaves home in the lunchbox...

Feeding infants in childcare

Children under 12 months of age should be provided with a variety of suitable meals at age appropriate textures...

Fun with food! Activities for Outside School Hours Care 

Outside School Hours Care programs are a fantastic place to reinforce healthy eating messages. We have put together...

Healthy celebrations

We all love a celebration and food is often a central part. Let's talk about making party foods healthier ...

Helping children to become great eaters

Are mealtimes a battleground at your house? Read on for tips to reduce the stress and encourage children ...

Menu planning checklist for Outside School Hours Care

Planning a menu that ticks all the boxes and tastes delicious can be challenging, let us show you how!

Mix 'n' match lunchboxes

When packing a healthy lunchbox, mix 'n' match a variety of foods from each of the five food groups...

Quick and easy snacks to GREEN up your menu

Are you looking for some quick and easy snacks ideas to GREEN up your menu? Try these GREEN snack...

Training toddlers tastebuds

There is a lot of learning that takes place once babies transition from an all milk diet to one that contains a wide variety...

Vegetable snacks for children

For children to learn to appreciate and enjoy vegetables, they need to experience eating them many times a day...

Go for Green
A 'how to' guide for using the traffic light system at school.


 Healthy eating for seniors

Nutrition issues for seniors

Our nutrition needs change as we move through the lifespan. Older Australians have unique nutritional needs ...

5 foods for healthy ageing

Eating nutritious foods every day is essential to make sure we get all of the nutrients we need to stay healthy...


 Eating well at work

Eat to beat stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of life and at certain levels, is actually essential for you to perform. But when you're constantly stressed, this can...

Get it right, mate!

Nutrition Australia ACT is encouraging Canberra tradies to 'get it right, mate!' when it comes to making healthier food and drink choices

Planning a food and drink guideline

Writing a guideline is a great way to commit to making and sustaining healthy changes within your workplace ...

10 foods to keep in your desk drawer

We spend most of our day at work, so what we eat during this time can make or break our healthy eating habits...

Healthier catering options

Try our tips to make your next work function a healthy one!

Healthy snacks for social clubs

Need a quick snack or forgotten your lunch? Social Clubs can be a handy way to eat on the go at work...

Nutrition for shift workers

Check out our tips to eat well and stay healthy when you are doing shift work...

Workplace fridge and freezer essentials

Having a selection of nutritious foods stashed in your work fridge means when hunger strikes...