School services

School services

We have a range of services available to schools including student incursions and cooking workshops, parent stalls and workshops, and even training for staff. 

ACT School Services

Let us inspire healthy eating in your school with our interactive services. 

Classroom lesson incursion

Our dietitian will visit your class to deliver a fun and engaging 30-minute healthy eating lesson. Topics include:

The Fantastic Five - perfect for lower primary.

Learn about the five food groups & what they do for your body as it grows!

Feeding your gut bugs - ideal for upper primary.

Learn about the bugs that grow in our tummy, and how we can keep them happy with yummy foods.

Healthy hacks for teens - perfect for high school.

Learn our hacks to help you feel better, improve your skin health and even save you some money!

Fueling sporty teens - perfect for high school.

Learn about what foods and nutrients help to fuel your best performance and how to prep for game-day.

This session is for a class of up to 30 students and includes take-home materials, games and/or activities.

Cooking workshop incursions

A hands-on healthy food preparation experience for up to 30 children. This workshop incursion is designed to empower children to make healthy food choices and enhance food literacy.

In this 30-minute session, children will prepare their own healthy snack. Options include: rice paper rolls, mini wraps, berry bruschetta, no bake apple crumble or tropical trifle.

Lunchbox building workshops

These hands-on workshops are designed to inspire parents and carers to prepare simple, nutritious and delicious lunchboxes for their children.

Each 30-minute lunchbox workshop is designed for up to 20 parents or carers to fill a lunchbox with foods from the five food groups. Take-home recipes and materials included.

Parent info stalls

Our dietitian will facilitate a 30-minute stand within your setting providing useful information, healthy eating tips and handy recipes for parents and carers. Perfect for drop off or pick up time.

Optional: Add some taste testers! We will provide 3 pre-prepared snacks that parents and children can try when they visit the stand.

Click here to download our school services flyer. 
We can tailor all of our nutrition activities to meet the needs of your school. 
Contact us for more information!

Teacher training opportunities

Food&ME Teacher Professional Learning opportunities

Our Professional Learning (PL) session gives school teachers the knowledge and confidence to effectively teach nutrition to primary school students using the curriculum linked Food&ME™nutrition education units. Delivered by the authors of Food&ME™, this 2-hour Teacher Quality Institute accredited session equips teachers with the tools and resources to deliver consistent nutrition messages in the classroom. 

Professional Learning Workshops: Nutrition Australia ACT can visit your school to deliver the two hour PL to all school teachers. 

Food Safety Supervisor Training

This full day workshop prepares food safety supervisors to supervise and oversee day to day operations and prevent and recognise food safety hazards.Our training course meets the requirements of Nationally Recognised Training.

For further information and to register for upcoming courses check out the events calendar.


Healthy Food and Drink in Schools Workshops

These workshops support the Fresh Tastes Action Area 1: Healthy Food and Drink Guidelines providing training for the school community on a traffic light food system to assess the nutritional value of foods and drinks.

An Accredited Practising Dietitian from Nutrition Australia ACT will visit your school to deliver an interactive workshop on applying the traffic light system in your school. This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about and address all queries and concerns associated with the traffic light system and is designed to suit the entire school community including parents, teachers and canteen staff.

 The one-hour session will cover the following:

  • why have a school Food and Drink Policy? 
  • what should children be eating?
  • the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines Traffic Light System 
  • categorising food and drinks into their traffic light criteria
  • selecting healthy recipes 
  • healthy ingredient swaps 

ACT primary schools involved in the ACT Health Fresh Tastes Initiative have access to Traffic Light Workshops at their school.